What People Are Saying

What People are Saying

“I found the process of going through the Grief Recovery Method® with Laura to be invaluable in my life.  I had been struggling with my parent’s divorces an adult….going through the process with Laura brought me such a sense of peace in regards to the overwhelming sadness and pain I was feeling and it allowed me to be more present and loving in my relationship with both my parents.  Laura’s extensive knowledge and experience in guiding people through this process is evident in how she created a safe and supportive space for me to face the emotions I had been avoiding.”

Amy J
Registered Psychologist
Certified Canadian Addiction Counsellor

“Laura facilitates the Grief Recovery® program in a kind, compassionate and clear way. Her knowledge and understanding of grief is from her own experience and extensive training. She has a gentle way to support you through the hurdles that can hold you back. After losing my spouse 4 months ago, I found this program helped me to set boundaries with others in how they process grief, and also how to ask for what I need in moving through the grief process. I am thankful for what this program has brought me, and highly recommend it for everyone.”

Heidi D

“The Grief Workshop gave me the insight and courage to look past my blocks and more forward. I appreciate Laura’s ability to create a safe environment and at the same time challenge me to dig deeper (even when I balked).”

Margery K

“I’m really glad I made the investment of time and money to attend Laura’s Grief Recovery Method™ group session. I’ve done a lot of personal development work in the past, through other programs, and thought I had the tools to work through my grief. The Grief Recovery Method™ is a very different and effective approach that I will use in addressing different types of losses in multiple relationships in my life. Laura is the right person to lead this journey with others, she’s open about her own grief experiences, is a compassionate listener, and an excellent facilitator of this program. While I found so many benefits working in a group session, I think Laura would also be wonderful to work with 1-1!”

Rachelle L

“The Grief Recovery® Program gave me the knowledge and the tools I needed to work through a myriad of complex emotions, which surfaced after the sudden loss of my sister.  Laura is passionate about Grief Recovery® and she provides a kind, caring and supportive environment in which to explore difficult topics. I would recommend the program to anyone struggling with grief or loss of any kind.”

Gina B

“I was very fortunate to participate in the Grief Recovery® group Laura facilitated more than a decade ago.  The program had a profound effect on my life and to this day, I say it was one of the most valuable things I have ever done.  Laura is a great teacher plus an intuitive person, she showed me that grief has many faces and she helped me recognize the emotions that arise out of those feelings.  There are no words that can describe the gift that Laura gave me through the Grief Recovery® support group.”

Sue H

“During a very difficult time in my life, as I trudged through the muck of grief, Laura helped me move through to the side of healing and grace.  The work with Laura enabled me to work through the challenges of my grief…I highly recommend working through your grief. And even more so, to be accompanied by Laura, a very competent, centred, compassionate guide.”

Tami L

“Laura’s craft and compassion are a gift to humanity and we need more people like her on this planet.”

Erin Waddell
President, Lead With Core Values