About Me

About Me

After more than three decades in the corporate world, I decided to pursue a career path that would be not only personally rewarding, but one that would also allow me to help those who were struggling in some capacity.

From the boardroom to the church basement and everything in between, working with, and supporting others, has always had great meaning for me.

I was first certified as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist™ in 2004 by the late Russell Friedman. I went through several subsequent trainings with the Grief Recovery Institute’s founder, John W. James. Participating in the trainings were life-changing and life-expanding experiences for me, ones that influenced my life in a significant way. In June 2020, I took some additional training to become an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist™ which has allowed me to expand my offerings to include providing online one-on-one support. Because the Grief Recovery Method® addresses losses of all types and because it provides a way to deal with existing relationships that one wishes had been better, different or more, I was able to work on my primary relationships in addition to addressing the pain associated with the loss of some of my close relatives and then again, when my career of over three decades, came to an end. It is as the result of the healing that I have done that I am able to assist others in their own healing process.

The demands of my prior career did limit the Grief Recovery Method® offerings I was able to provide; however, I did run a number of support groups and a number of one-on-one sessions in the years that followed.

In 2018, recognizing the increasing need for support services, I made a decision to enter into private practice to provide Grief Recovery® services to a broader audience and in a more meaningful and impactful way.

In 2021, I joined Nomina Wellness where I serve as Director, Client Relations. Not only has this been fulfilling work on so many fronts, it has also allowed me to continue to take clients through the Grief Recovery Method®.

I believe in the importance of connecting, heart to heart, as I provide clients with the information they require to begin to move forward following a loss or a change to their circumstances that has resulted in heartache.

Holding space in a safe, non-judgemental, supportive environment is paramount to ensuring the success of your experience.

If you are interested in transforming the quality of your life following a significant loss, I would encourage you to contact me to discuss the Grief Recovery Method® options available to you.