Can you identify with any of the following? If so, you may be dealing with unresolved grief.

  • Working longer hours than necessary or intended
  • Excessive shopping
  • New or increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • New or increased use of the internet
  • New or increased use of social media
  • New or increased use of streaming services, TV, reading
  • Over-eating or not eating enough
  • Excessive exercising
  • Doing anything…just to keep busy
  • Isolating or withdrawing from normal activities.

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Unresolved grief could be impacting your ability to live life fully today. Have you experienced any of the following significant life events and are you having difficulty dealing with the accompanying feelings of loss?

  • Death of a loved one (or a less than loved one)
  • Divorce or the end of a significant relationship
  • Death of a beloved pet
  • Dissatisfaction or feeling unfulfilled in life
  • Dissatisfaction with the nature of some existing relationships
  • Additional stress in the workplace or in the home
  • Empty-nest syndrome
  • Job loss or retirement
  • Changes to financial circumstances/lifestyle
  • Serious illness and/or changes in health
  • Aging parents
  • Addiction or mental-health related issues that have impacted your life and/or the life of a loved one

If so, and if you are willing to make a series of small, yet definitive choices, I will guide you through the Grief Recovery Method®.  You will be provided with the information and the tools required to move through your grief. If you are ready to transform the quality of your life, please contact me.

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